Why Do I Need a Mouthguard?

Do you have chronic morning headaches? Are you an athlete? You may need a mouthguard. There are different types of mouthguards that we offer to patients. Patients can wear a nightguard to stop teeth clenching and grinding. Mouthguards can also protect teeth from injuries or loss during contact sports. We offer custom-made mouthguards in our Charlottesville, VA dental office. Ultimately, mouthguards preserve the smile and offer preventative care against damage to the teeth and gums. If you have a TMJ disorder or play sports, you may need a mouthguard.

mouthguard in Charlottesville, VA

Sports Mouthguards in Charlottesville, VA

Patients need to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth and braces during contact sports. Contact sports are sports where there is any contact between players, such as hockey, football, basketball, and lacrosse. Wearing a sports mouthguard protects against damage to braces or natural teeth. Our sports mouthguards are made of a flexible rubbery plastic that covers the front of the top and bottom teeth. Mouthguards can prevent injuries to the face, jaw, and teeth.

Patients can clean their custom mouthguards with soap and water. They can also keep their mouthguards in their case when they are not in use.

TMJ Mouthguards

Injured or stressed temporomandibular joints cause TMD. This bite disorder can lead to symptoms like chronic headaches, tooth pain, and bruxism. Patients with damaged jaw joints or crooked teeth are more at risk of developing TMJ disorders. Pressure or stress on the face, jaw or bite can exacerbate painful symptoms that can make it difficult or uncomfortable to bite and chew.

Many patients with TMD also have bruxism, which means they clench and grind their teeth. Bruxism often occurs unconsciously and many patients clench and grind their teeth during sleep. Because of this, we offer custom-made TMD nightguards. These nightguards are made of hard acrylic and can cover the upper or lower row of teeth. Nightguards stop bruxism and protect natural teeth from tooth chips, cracks, or wear. Wearing a TMJ mouthguard also alleviates pressure on the jaw joints.

Patients may purchase a mouthguard or denture cleaner to soak their nightguard. We do not recommend that patients brush their nightguards as this can damage the appliance.

Do you need a custom mouthguard? Call our dental office today at 434-227-5665. You can also schedule a dental appointment with our dental team on our website. Please let us know if you have any questions for us and we will assist you.