Sedation Dentistry Charlottesville, VA

Many patients visit our office after having a previous bad experience at another dental office. At Harrison Dental Associates, we want you to know that you are welcomed into our office regardless of what stage you are at in your dental health journey. Our team has worked hard to create an environment that is comfortable and relaxing for patients of all ages. Even if it has been a long time since you have last seen a dentist, we invite you to schedule an appointment.

We offer solutions for patients suffering from the effects of neglecting their dental health due to fear and dental anxiety. For our most anxious patients, we are happy to provide sedation dentistry services to help make your next dental experience a positive one.

sedation dentistry in Charlottesville VA

Sedation Dentistry in Charlottesville, VA

As your trusted general dentist in Charlottesville, VA, Dr. Matthew Harrison provides sedation dentistry services for complex invasive procedures and as needed for anxious patients. These services are designed to keep patients calm and comfortable while still awake and aware of their procedures. Our entire team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about an upcoming appointment or procedure.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding our sedation dentistry services:

What kind of sedation options are available?

Our office offers both oral sedation and nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas. Laughing gas is used for its light sedative effects that allow the patient to experience no discomfort but be in control of their bodily functions and responsive. During the appointment, a mask will be placed over your nose and you will be encouraged to breathe in the gas.

While the laughing gas will make you calm and comfortable, you will remain awake for the procedure–though some patients become so relaxed that they do fall asleep. The effects of laughing gas will disappear shortly after removing the mask from your nose.

If an oral sedative is the recommended option it is likely we will provide a dose to be taken at home before your procedure. When using oral sedation, you will need to be escorted to and from your appointment. Oral sedation can take several hours to wear off.

Will I experience any pain or discomfort during my procedure?

Any invasive procedure will involve the use of a local anesthetic to numb the affected area and ensure that you do not experience extreme pain or discomfort. We will discuss what to expect with your specific procedure prior to starting treatment. Tooth extractions and other more complex procedures can cause minor discomfort afterward, but the use of dental sedation will ensure that you are completely relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

My dental anxiety is severe. What should I do?

We recommend calling our office ahead of your appointment. Let us know that you have extreme dental anxiety, and we will do our best to recommend solutions. Our dental care team makes every effort to help anxious and fearful patients find solutions for relaxing to enable us to provide the care they need or desire.