Dental Implants Charlottesville, VA

At Harrison Dental Associates, we are excited to offer our patients the best of the best tooth-replacement methods. This is why we are proud to offer in-house dental implants. Our patients love dental implants because they offer a variety of restorative benefits that you won’t get with other tooth-replacement options. You can utilize dental implants for single-tooth replacements, multiple teeth replacements, or even to support dentures and partials. We find that patients enjoy the longterm benefits of dental implants because they are the restorative option that most closely resembles that of your natural tooth. Involving a surgical procedure to help patients regain tooth-root functionality, a dental implant helps patients fully restore their chewing and speaking patterns without requiring dietary restrictions, the support of surrounding teeth, or additional steps in their oral hygiene routines.

Dental Implants for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental Implants in Charlottesville, VA

As your trusted restorative dentist in Charlottesville, VA, Dr. Harrison is happy to provide dental implants for patients in need of tooth replacement options. Dental implants are the premier tooth replacement option that we offer to our patients. The dental implant process is handled entirely in-office, meaning you do not have to worry about finding another dentist to accommodate your needs.  Here are some frequently asked questions regarding dental implants:

What should I expect after the implant surgical procedure?

The healing process for a dental implant surgical procedure typically takes around three months. This is because we want to let the titanium post fully fuse together with your jawbone to create that tooth-root functionality that you want from a dental implant. Once the post is fully healed, we will attach an abutment to it and then secure a custom dental crown on top of the abutment to create a fully restored tooth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants offer patients the complete restoration of a missing tooth. Unlike a dental bridge, a dental implant is surgically implanted into your jawbone giving you the tooth-root functionality that you won’t get with other options. This means easier oral hygiene care as well as no dietary restrictions. Dental implants also do not require the support of your surrounding teeth, meaning no healthy teeth have to be compromised to hold the implant in its place.

How should I care for my dental implant?

During the healing process, make sure to keep the affected area clean. Saltwater rinses are great to encourage fast healing while also ensuring the area remains clean. Once the dental implant process is complete, you can care for the implant just as you would a natural tooth. Continue to brush, floss, and schedule regular oral health and wellness visits with your local dentist to ensure optimal dental health for you and your dental implant.