Periodontal Disease Treatment Charlottesville VA

Gum disease is one of the most common dental concerns that we see in our office. To help our patients counter the negative effects of gum disease, our dentist office offers comprehensive periodontal disease treatment options. At Harrison Dental Associates, we understand the importance of helping patients restore their dental health after gum disease.

We will present you with a treatment plan that includes methods of removing the diseased soft tissue from your smile. Additionally, we offer scaling and root planing procedures to remove any harmful bacteria within the deep pockets of your gums. This helps stop gum disease in its tracks and prevents further damage to your tissues.

Gum Disease Treatment Charlottesville VA

The Progression of Gum Disease

Gum disease does not come on suddenly. It is a progressive disease that will slowly set it. Most people may not realize they have gum disease in the beginning because of the lack of symptoms. This is one of the key reasons why routine dental appointments are so vital. The prevent it in the first place and a dentist can spot the beginning stages.

Gingivitis is the first step towards gum disease. It is easily treated when caught. You may need to perform additional at home care to prevent it from returning. Patients with recurring gingivitis may benefit from more frequent dental cleanings in our dentist office.

If you ignore all the signs of gingivitis or that the disease is progressing, you may develop periodontitis. This is an advanced stage of gum disease where there is likely permanent damage to the gum tissue. Your teeth may be loose and you may have some bone loss. It often require intense treatment however most of the damage irreversible.

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Charlottesville, VA

As your trusted restorative dentistry in Charlottesville, VA, Dr. Matthew Harrison is happy to offer periodontal disease treatment for patients affected by gum disease. Gum disease can have many negative effects on your smile, but you don’t have to live with those effects forever. Our team will do everything we can to rid your soft tissues of all harmful bacteria so you can enjoy restored dental health. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding periodontal disease treatment:

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Early-stage gum disease usually presents as gingivitis, or bleeding gums. If you notice that your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, this is likely a sign that you are beginning to develop gum disease. If allowed to progress, gingivitis will develop into gum disease. Some symptoms of gum disease include bad breath, receding gums, loose teeth, and increased gum inflammation or sensitivity.

What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is a deep-cleaning procedure in which we are able to remove harmful bacteria that has eaten into the deep pockets of your gums. During this procedure, we will remove all diseased tissue so that you are only left with healthy tissue. This stops the progression of gum disease and restores your dental health.

How can I prevent gum disease?

The best way to prevent gum disease from developing is to schedule regular oral health and wellness appointments with your trusted dentist. We recommend scheduling these appointments once every six months. During your appointments, we will evaluate your smile for signs of gum disease and remove any plaque or buildup surrounding your gum line.